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  Established in 2002, Senquan-apparel is one premier supplier of couture and bridal garment on high quality. Senquan-apparel mill locates in Suzhou City, China. The mill has more two production lines,total 60 workers. It is a small, but exquisite making garment mill.

  Specialising in luxurious mulberry silks, Texture fabrics, Triacetate blends, beaded laces, embroideries and tulles, the company offers a wide selection of bridal and high quality garment for many customers in the world.

  At this point in time, we can advise our customers that our fabrics-- Chinese Mulberry Silks, Triacetate blends and Tulles are produced to the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

It also specialises in the sustainable mulberry silk fabric, which is organic silk, the silk yarns are organic products. The farmers only use the natural animal and plant products to help the mulberry grow, which is healthy, rather than using chemicals. So the cocoons eat the mulberry leaf to produce the healthy silk yarns, we usually call it organic silk. This special product is very few in China, the price is high because of the very limited production in China now. The Ecocert Scope Certificate is for the more information about the Organic silk.

  Please  email us: if you have any requirements about the garment or silk fabric orders.

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